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You are invited to visit our web page and find a training programme, which meets your requirements and / or the necessities of your child – in case you choose a music and movement programme for children of up to 3 years of age.

Our main principles of work with our clients are professionalism and quality performance of programmes designed by a team of sports pedagogues and physiotherapists.

Based on our long experience we offer you precisely and professionally designed programmes, which will make you relax and improve your body strenght and resistance.

We are a small team of colleagues constantly trying to provide good feeling and the best workout!

All of our trainers speak English, so please, do not hesitate to call us on +386 40 99 00 22 and we will help you choose the type of workout that is most suitable for you. It can be a group pilates class, functional workout or individual workout with a personal trainer for men, women or your youngest.

Welcome once again!




Barbara Šogorič, PE prof.
Expert manager of the sport club “V Gibanju”


Športni klub V GIBANJU


Šmartinska cesta 53, 1000 Ljubljana


+386 40 99 00 22

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